Thank you for choosing the “SANRENMU” product!

      Our unremitting pursuit of excellence is to enable you to use sanrenmu products safely and safely to solve problems. I hope you are using sanrenmu products – be sure to protect yourself and others.


      Although we promise that 100% inspection of sanrenmu products will ensure that sanrenmu products have no defects in materials and processes during their service life, in order to maintain the best use of this product, you still need to carry out proper maintenance.

1. This product is a metal product. Please keep it clean and dry after use. If it is exposed to moisture for a long time, a small amount of yellow  spots may appear, which is normal oxidation. Just wipe it with a rag with a light oil and the problem will be solved.

2. The cutting edge avoids cutting metal or hard objects. If there are glues or fibers on the blade, please clean them in time to avoid affecting the sharpness. To sharpen the blade with a sharpening stone, you need to know the proper angle and strength, otherwise it will easily  damage the blade. Keep the blade closed or insert the scabbard when not in use.

3. It is not recommended to disassemble and adjust the screws by yourself. Please keep the factory state.

4. Carbon fiber and G10 are used as handleEnvironmental protection composites, which are characterized by hardness, wear resistance,  corrosion resistance, insulation, light weight and non-deformation. It can be cleaned with water. After drying, it is recommended to add an appropriate amount of Environmental protection type lubricating oil or food grade paraffin to evenly rub it to keep the Carbon fiber and G10 bright. Wooden handles and inlays avoid water and sun exposure. The Kydex sheath or plastic sheath of the Straight knife avoids heat sources.

5. When the parts of the product are not rotating smoothly, place it in hot water for several times and clean it. After drying, add an appropriate amount of environmentally-friendly lubricant and turn it on and off several times. It is recommended to lubricate the shaft regularly to make the rotation smooth. The bearing pads are recommended to be cured with grease.

6. The blade is particularly sharp, please use it with caution and must stay away from the minors!

After-sales policy:

1. If there is a quality defect in the product itself, you can choose to replace the product or repair the service. When the replacement is required, please keep the package intact. The replaced product should be a new product of the same model and specification. If the production has been stopped, replace the same brand product with the price not lower than the price of the product.

2. In the case of correct and reasonable use of the fee, the quality of the product itself may occur, and the free warranty service may be enjoyed.

3. The free warranty does not apply to any of the following conditions:

   3.1. The product is defective due to normal wear and tear, such as sharpness, surface scratches, color, looseness, aging, sheath,  back buckle and consumable parts.

   3. 2. Defects due to mistakes or rough handling, such as abuse (smashing, slashing, smashing, smashing, chiseling, slap or cutting hard objects, etc. will be considered abuse), unraveling (screws have used fastening agents, no It is recommended to dismantle it on its own and to be artificially damaged.

   3.3. long time no maintenance or use and storage in a humid environment, resulting in product damage.

   3.4. Spillage of food, liquid or other objects causes damage to the product. Fourth, lifetime maintenance: more than 1 year free warranty time, we will be happy to provide paid repair services. The cost is based on the actual cost of the replacement material. V. Warranty certificate: When the warranty service is required, the consumer can contact the local distributor with the “Quality Warranty Card”, purchase invoice or receipt (our company will provide service and support to the authorized dealer) or mail it to the company’s warranty.

Special reminder:

Please do not sell controlled knives in mainland China! ! !

The final interpretation of this after-sales service belongs to Guangxi Qianrui Metal Products Co., Ltd.